A ton about us

Founder Gimena de Buen

Hi, I’m Gimena (pronounced He-men-ah), the founder of Elefante. I’m a born and raised Mexican who immigrated to Canada in 2007 after falling in love with the “True North” while completing a certificate in Strategic Management at the UBC as part of my Marketing Bachelor’s. which I completed with honors at ITESM-Mexico.

Throughout my career I have had the amazing opportunity to work in multiple senior Sales + Marketing roles across different industries including professional services, technology, hospitality and manufacturing. This has given me an incredibly unique blend of knowledge from customer service, sales leadership, marketing, client experience design, CRM management and client success. I have coached and mentored many executives and their teams on the art of selling and how to achieve client satisfaction.

I have been recognized for both national and international sales leadership awards based on my “out of the box” approach and my love for challenging the status quo.

What inspired me to start Elefante?

Through my interactions with former clients, teammates and fellow entrepreneurs, I identified a gap in the market: Large organizations get access to top Sales + Marketing talent and resources that help them grow, while small to medium size businesses- who need them most- can’t afford them.

At the same time, many Sales + Marketing professionals are looking to achieve a better career + life integration and are looking for more flexible work arrangements.

With this in mind and the support of my family, friends and network I decided to take the leap and launch Elefante On-Demand Sales + Marketing.

Why Elefante?

You are probably wondering why Elefante? (Elephant in Spanish) well, Elefantes are wise, have large brains, big hearts and are excellent listeners (Read more interesting facts below) and we think these attributes are key to the work we do.

As a proud local business, we recognize that 95% of companies in Alberta are small to medium size businesses and we believe helping them GROW AS BIG AS ELEFANTES, will help our local economy flourish.

Our goal is to make sure owners and management teams aren't left alone when it comes to deciding how to grow their business and what marketing and sales investments they should make.

We are very excited to bring this new approach to the market and we can't wait to see your company experience BIG growth.

Our values

ALL EARS: We build trust by listening to our clients needs and acting upon their feedback.

BIG HEART: We are empathetic, compassionate and act with integrity.

FLEXIBLE TRUNK: We’re adaptable and embrace constant change.

WISE BRAIN: We use our skills to help our local economies flourish.

THE ELEFANTE: We bring our talents together and celebrate our differences.

Interesting facts about Elefantes

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